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Today’s users expect effortless experiences. Don’t let essential people and processes stay stuck in the past. Speed it up, skip the hassles

Who We Are

For generations, we’ve been helping people go further. From exchanging gold coins for paper checks to enabling online transactions, we’re continually innovating so our customers can get ahead. Hawaii Trade American Bank is a complete e-Banking system. We have account-holders from almost all over the world. This is getting popular day by day.

Our system is secure and robust. You may feel safe about your deposited funds. Across time, and in every generation, Hawaii Trade American Bank has continued helping customers go further by providing innovative financial services to help them get ahead. Through prosperity, depression, and war, customers have turned to Hawaii Trade American Bank for the solutions they needed to survive and thrive. Now, more than a figure from our past, the Hawaii Trade American Bank stagecoach is a living part of our story and a symbol of how we're always driving forward.